October 26, 2020

Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer Chicago, IL

Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer Chicago, IL

When you are going through a family dispute, you need the help of a trusted family dispute mediation lawyer Chicago, IL relies on from Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC. We understand that family disputes can be difficult. In fact, they can be so difficult they can actually break up a family. We want to help resolve this by working with you to help both parties come to an agreement. Whether you are working through marriage problems or issues with child custody, we are here for you. To see what we can do to help resolve your issues, give our office a call.

What does it mean to go through mediation?

When you and another party go through mediation, it means that both parties come before an objective third party who tries to use mediation techniques to resolve a dispute. By applying these techniques, they can help both parties understand what the problem is, what each party would like, and what agreement options there are. When you go through a family dispute, this means that a Chicago, Illinois family dispute mediation lawyer can help you with issues such as:

  • Spousal support: A family dispute mediation lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, can help you and your partner come to an agreement regarding spousal support. If you and your partner decide that it’s best to divorce and go your separate ways, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be done dealing with them completely. In certain divorces, one partner may be required to provide spousal support: a regular payment to their ex-spouse over a designated period of time. Spousal support is another term for alimony, and it is meant to ensure the ex-spouse is able to maintain the same quality of life after a divorce.
  • Child support: As with spousal support, if you and your spouse are planning on a divorce or are otherwise estranged, we can help you both come to a favorable agreement concerning child support payments. Unlike spousal support, child support payments are intended for more specific uses, namely providing adequate food, clothing, and shelter to any children you and your spouse had together. Child support payments are usually dependent on your income, and unlike spousal support, there is a more firm end date for your child support. In Illinois, child support payments are required until the child turns 18 (or 19 if the child is still in high school).
  • Annulment: If you’re relying on a family dispute mediation lawyer in Chicago, IL, it doesn’t necessarily mean your marriage is destined for failure. However, it is important to stay realistic about any path you and your spouse may take. If you mutually decide that the marriage is no longer tenable, you can opt to have a marriage annulled instead of filing for a divorce. Having a marriage annulled is like erasing it from history: in the eyes of the law, an annulled marriage never happened. This makes annulling a marriage a much less painful process than a divorce, as there are less issues to deal with if you decide to pursue an annulment.
  • Divorce disputes: A divorce can be a complicated and painful process, and it’s usually the last resort when a couple has tried everything else to save their marriage. If a couple has had enough problems with one another, it’s reasonable to expect that coming to agreeable terms about their divorce is unlikely at best. Fortunately, a family dispute mediation lawyer can help them get on the same page, and moving forward towards an amicable divorce. They can work closely with both parties to iron out the specific terms of a divorce, including any payments (spousal support, child support) that might be necessary once the divorce is finalized.
  • Visitation rights: If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, or are trying to annul your marriage, there are many legal hoops to jump through. There are even more of these hoops if you and your spouse have children. If you and your spouse are set on terminating your marriage, the two of you will have to come to an agreement on visitation rights. This includes figuring out who the custodial parent will be (who the child will live with) and schedule of visitation so both parents can spend quality time with their child or children. A family dispute mediation lawyer in Chicago, IL, can help you both come to a suitable agreement.

Why would a mediation attorney be right for the job? 

Divorces and other family matters can get expensive quickly. When you and the other party are unable to come to an agreement on certain issues, you may choose to go to court or sue. This is not only expensive but lengthy. However, going through the mediation process can not only be much cheaper and save you time, but it can also help save relationships. Even if you are choosing to go ahead with a divorce, the mediation process can make a potentially ugly situation much easier for both parties. 

Why is it helpful to have an attorney? 

Many people may believe that they can get their partner or family member to go to mediation on their own or they may believe that they can do a sufficient job of arguing for what they want. However, things become complicated in these situations, and having an attorney can make sure you do not give in to the other person’s wishes. It ensures that you have a voice regarding what may be best. 

If you are interested in learning more about how an attorney can help you with mediation, contact  Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC to speak with our family dispute mediation attorney in Chicago, IL now.