June 14, 2022

Pet Custody Lawyer Chicago, IL

Chicago Pet Custody Lawyer

Pet Custody Lawyer Chicago, IL- couple sitting apart upset.jpegIf you have concerns that your divorce, legal separation, or romantic split will result in a contentious battle over your beloved pet’s care, connect with an experienced pet custody lawyer Chicago, IL at Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC to learn about your rights and options. Similarly, if you and your former significant other need to formalize an amicable agreement concerning your pet’s custody in the wake of a romantic split, our team can assist you with those needs as well.

If you and your former significant other are in agreement about who should retain custody of your pet and on what terms, our Chicago, IL pet custody lawyer team can help you to formalize your agreement. It may seem extreme, upon first glance, to formalize the legal custody of a pet when both parties are in agreement as to how the situation should be handled. However, even people with the best of intentions can find themselves involved in a suddenly – and unexpectedly – heated disagreement over matters that had seemed settled only days before. By formalizing your agreement and making it legally-enforceable, you’ll provide stability to your custody situation and clarity of expectation moving forward.

Pet Custody Considerations During Divorce

It is important to understand that, in Illinois, pets are considered property under the law. This means that, in the event of contested custody concerns regarding your pet, an Illinois family law judge will treat your pet as property. Meaning, the settlement of who should retain ownership of your pet will remain subject to the marital property division laws upheld by the state of Illinois.  

Don’t panic if you’re unfamiliar with these standards. Understanding the ins and outs of the law is our job and the team at Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC will be happy to explore what this situation may mean for you and your pet. It is worth noting that if either you or your spouse adopted your pet prior to your marriage and that adoptive pet parent remains the pet’s primary caregiver, that caregiver will have very strong grounds upon which to argue that they should retain the pet as property post-divorce.

Other Common Pet Custody Scenarios

While divorce is the most frequent scenario, there are other common instances where parties can benefit from a pet custody agreement drawn up by a pet custody lawyer Chicago IL for the furry animals you love. For example, if you are engaged and bringing a pet into a marriage, it can be beneficial to create a prenuptial agreement on the care of the animal in case of a future separation. While no one likes to think of those scenarios when planning a wedding, it is a prudent way to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario and by doing so, ensure the safety and security of your pet.

Even if you are not engaged, we commonly see the need for a pet custody agreement between unmarried partners at the termination of a relationship or even roommates who, for various reasons, have decided to relocate. In both scenarios, the parties involved can benefit from a clear agreement between the parties. Sometimes having the agreement so clearly laid out can even save a friendship or at least end the relationship on good terms. A Chicago pet custody lawyer can assist you in drawing up the specifics of the arrangement.

Benefits of a Pet Custody Agreement

There are many benefits to a pet custody agreement, but first and foremost it will give you peace of mind that your beloved pet is going to be well taken care of.  In addition to the well-being of your pet, it will allow both parties to have a clear understanding of visitation schedules and expectations for when and how you will see your pet. If there are children involved in the relationship, it can give them a sense of stability, knowing where the pet will be living and when they will get to see the pet. It can also provide a sense of calm, knowing that the pet will continue to be cared for. If there are pets that have formed a bond, for instance, two puppies that have grown up together, it can guarantee they are still able to live together. By using the services of a Chicago pet custody attorney, you can ensure the arrangement is binding and secure.

At a time when there may be many strains on you financially, a pet custody agreement can delineate which party will pay for living costs. Living costs include things such as food, bedding, toys, daycare, and walkers. It can also delineate who will pay for larger costs such as veterinarian visits, grooming, or medication. Additionally, the agreement can outline how end-of-life decisions will be made when the time comes. Not only are these considerations important from a financial standpoint, but from an emotional one as well.

Pet custody agreements are often crafted for dogs and cats, but any beloved pet and the owner could benefit from a legal care plan. Horses, lizards, snakes, chickens, and even hedgehogs can be considered pets and the owners who love them can benefit from having a legal agreement in place.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’re unsure of whether you need an attorney to help formalize or sort out your pet custody concerns, know that you can attend a risk-free, confidential legal consultation with the experienced Illinois legal team at Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC with absolutely no strings attached to this meeting.

Members of our firm genuinely believe that unless individuals are permitted to both understand their rights under the law and exercise those rights accordingly, there is very little use in having rights in the first place. By asking questions and voicing concerns to our legal team, you’ll be empowered to make whatever decision is best for you and your pet as permitted by law. Connect with our Chicago, IL pet custody lawyer team to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you.