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Brian J. Hurst

Brian J. Hurst

Super Lawyers- Brian J. Hurst


The dedicated and compassionate team of lawyers at Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC, provide a full range of family and divorce law services to clients with legal needs in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

Family Matters

Family is important. Family matters, even the most joyous ones such as marriages and adoptions, come with a lot of pressure and gravity and more often than not, a lot of stress. We know that this kind of stress is often felt as if it has been multiplied exponentially when people are going through stressful times like they do during divorces, making child custody and/or visitation schedules, making child support/maintenance arrangements, and dealing with domestic violence. 

We Are Family Law

Our attorneys practice divorce and family law exclusively. This helps to ensure that our clients get top notch legal representation for these things when they need them and that your case will get the quality attention it deserves. The extensive and broad scope of our different attorneys’ experience and backgrounds mean that there is a good chance that we have an attorney especially suited to your particular needs.

We take pride in our ability to resolve cases through negotiation and thus save our clients money. We know from our track record that we do not hesitate to fight fiercely and skillfully in court litigation when it becomes necessary. We are compassionate and understanding about what our clients are going through while also going head to head with our opponents to fight to get you what you need and are entitled to. 

Finding a Family Lawyer

Family is of the utmost importance to many of us and when it comes to family, selecting a lawyer to help you with family matters may be one of the most critical decisions you will need to make to protect yourself, your future and children.

Entering a marriage with someone you love and also wanting to protect your pre-marriage assets, or protecting your financial and material rights during a divorce and/or developing a sound parenting plan for a divorce, plus many other family matters pertaining to legal issues, are often emotionally taxing- and can be extremely difficult to do without the help of a good family law team. The team at Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen is compassionate about the work we do to help others and experienced with successfully defending the rights of people in their family legal matters.

Experienced Family Law Lawyers

While focused solely on family law, our team has a wide range of experience and knowledge across the entire scope of family law and family law services. If you have marriage or civil union issues, parenting and/or visitation issues, domestic violence issues, international family issues, or need help with orders of protection, mediation or appeals, we have extensive experience in these areas and have likely helped others with similar needs to your own.

If you are in need of a compassionate team of lawyers who will tirelessly fight for your rights, contact Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen for a free consultation so that we can see if we would be a good fit for each other.

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Listeners Who Also Can Litigate

We're not like other lawyers eager to run up hours on your dime. In fact, our initial consultation is free. This enables us to see if we're a fit for one another, be fully apprised of the "big picture" of your situation and begin to formulate some potential avenues we can explore that make sense — everything from negotiation to litigation.


Illinois Family Law Attorneys

Olga A. Allen

Olga A. Allen concentrates her practice on all areas of family law, including complex settlement and litigation, negotiating marital settlement agreement.

Brian J. Hurst

Practicing only Matrimonial and Family Law, Brian has successfully argued in both the Illinois Appellate Courts and the Illinois Supreme Court.

John A. Kay

John Kay has been practicing law in Illinois for more than 20 years. Since 2001, he has focused his practice on complex family law.

Neil A. Robin

Neil runs his office like that of an old time family doctor, meeting with clients early in the morning, late in the evening, and on the weekend.

Olga Stambler

Olga Stambler graduated *Magnu Cum Laude* from Brandeis University in 1992 with a Bachelors of Art in Political Science.

The Answers You Seek When You Need Them
Phone calls and emails are meant to be returned promptly. Yet, it's amazing how often that just doesn't happen in other legal environments. Our clients don't have to worry about getting a hold of us. Rest assured, we're here to keep your case steadily progressing toward an outcome that meets your goals — whether that impacts your child custody, your estate or other financial matters.

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