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We're not like other lawyers eager to run up hours on your dime. In fact, our initial consultation is free. This enables us to see if we're a fit for one another, be fully apprised of the "big picture" of your situation and begin to formulate some potential avenues we can explore that make sense — everything from negotiation to litigation.


Illinois Family Law Attorneys

Olga A. Allen

Olga A. Allen concentrates her practice on all areas of family law, including complex settlement and litigation, negotiating marital settlement agreement.

Brian J. Hurst

Practicing only Matrimonial and Family Law, Brian has successfully argued in both the Illinois Appellate Courts and the Illinois Supreme Court.

John A. Kay

John Kay has been practicing law in Illinois for more than 20 years. Since 2001, he has focused his practice on complex family law.

Neil A. Robin

Neil runs his office like that of an old time family doctor, meeting with clients early in the morning, late in the evening, and on the weekend.

Olga Stambler

Olga Stambler graduated *Magnu Cum Laude* from Brandeis University in 1992 with a Bachelors of Art in Political Science.

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Phone calls and emails are meant to be returned promptly. Yet, it's amazing how often that just doesn't happen in other legal environments. Our clients don't have to worry about getting a hold of us. Rest assured, we're here to keep your case steadily progressing toward an outcome that meets your goals — whether that impacts your child custody, your estate or other financial matters.

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