July 15, 2020

Chicago Family Law Attorney

Chicago Family Law Attorney Chicago Family Law Attorney

As a leading Chicago family law attorney, we understand how complicated the family unit can be. Afterall, it includes the most important people in our life, as well as some complex challenges and complications. When it comes to family law, there are a broad range of rules, topics, and guidelines that are governed by the city, state, and federal courts. These laws can significantly impact families, and the outcome any one person or unit is seeking.

A Chicago family law attorney may practice law that concerns the obligations and rights of all family members, including children and domestic partners, as well as, same sex marriages, divorce, child abuse, and domestic violence. 

 Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC are leading Chicago, IL family law attorneys with years of experience in helping people with family law matters. We understand many of these issues come with heated emotions, sensitivity, and young children. Rest assured, we keep your interests, and that of your family, in mind throughout our working relationship. For a consultation with one of our attorneys, call our firm today. 

An Overview of Family Law

Family law encompasses many different topics. Some of these include:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – Prior to a couple getting married, and combining their incomes, assets, and property, they may choose to draft an agreement that dictates how everything will be divided should they divorce. 

Legal Separation – This is not the same as a divorce, but rather a change in marital status that comes with various obligations and rights. Legal separation may be an option when a couple is not ready to divorce, or cannot divorce because of religious reasons. 

Divorce – When a divorce is applicable, a Chicago family law attorney may be necessary. This is particularly true when one or both people have been in the military, own a business, have a lot of assets, or are disputing the divorce. Each of these factors bring their own unique challenges which should be overseen by an attorney. 

Spousal Support or Modifications – Often known as alimony, this support is ordered by the court at the time of a legal separation or a divorce. An attorney can help to recover support or fight against paying it, but without a legal advocate, this area can be challenging to navigate. 

Child Custody – Child allocation judgements are issued by the state and include detailed parenting plans which explain which parent is responsible for what. The laws in the Illinois allow one of the parents to be responsible for things like education, choosing the schools, and so forth; whereas, the other parent might be responsible for medical care and costs. 

Child Support and Modification – Child support is based on guidelines that are provided by the state and consider both parent’s incomes, the time each parent spends with the child, and more. If you are seeking child support, or a modification of support, let a Chicago family law attorney help you.

Domestic Partnerships – Same sex marriage is legal in Illinois, and also recognized on the federal level. If you need help with domestic partnership laws, let our firm answer your questions and concerns. 

Father’s Right’s – Unwed father’s have rights, and sometimes, they might feel that their rights are being violated. If you are seeking custody of a child, would like to spend more time with your child, or need help to prove the paternity of a child, seek a legal advocate from our firm. 

Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection – Domestic violence is taken very seriously and can result in both criminal and civil orders. The offender can be prosecuted, and may face many consequences. If you are a victim of domestic violence, call us today. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911, and if possible remove yourself from the situation.

Pet Custody – Only recently has there been an introduction of laws that recognize the unique challenges of pets and divorcing couples. There are decrees that allow the court to decide who will be the primary caregiver of a pet.

The above is just an overview of family law. Our firm assists clients with these matters, and many more. If you need a dedicated advocate, call a Chicago family law attorney now. Call  Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC.