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Pets And Visitation

 Child Custody Lawyer For many years, divorcing couples have wanted to fight for “custody” of the family pet or pets; however, these couples were frustrated by the law. As a general rule, legislation in all states has historically considered pets as property, just like furniture and vehicles. Thus, since pets have been treated as property, Read more about Pets And Visitation[…]

What If My Drugs Are Not Enough For Drug Trafficking? 

What If My Drugs Are Not Enough For Drug Trafficking? 

Drug Trafficking Lawyer Drug trafficking charges are the most serious drug charges there are in the criminal justice system. Whether you’re charged at the state or federal level, drug trafficking cases often involve mandatory sentences and they can be extremely problematic if you’re caught with drugs on your person. One of the major issues drug Read more about What If My Drugs Are Not Enough For Drug Trafficking? […]

Avoid Foreclosure And Stay In Your Home

The best way to avoid foreclosure on your home is by modifying the mortgage. Loan modification is an important option for those who are struggling to get through financial difficulties. Through a loan modification, the lender allows the homeowner to renegotiate their mortgage terms in order to make their monthly payments more affordable. Loan modification Read more about Avoid Foreclosure And Stay In Your Home[…]

October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In many of the divorce cases a divorce lawyer handles, domestic violence and abuse have played a significant role in the breakdown of the marriage. Next month, the entire month of October is dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Under the law in most states, there are a number of types of behaviors that are Read more about October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month[…]

What Workers’ Compensation Means For Employers

If you’re operating a business, you need to make sure you’re prepared for emergencies. This means having an insurance policy that can cover the costs of a variety of unexpected expenses. While many people assume that business insurance is a must for property damage and natural disasters, it’s actually very essential for everyday accidents as Read more about What Workers’ Compensation Means For Employers[…]

Charitable Giving And Your Estate Plan

  Many people engage in charitable giving throughout their lives and wish to continue that tradition following their deaths. Not only is charitable giving emotionally satisfying, but it also can help save on income and estate taxes. By setting a strong example for your surviving family members, you can help encourage them to carry on Read more about Charitable Giving And Your Estate Plan[…]

When To Mediate

Going to mediation in divorce and parentage cases is a vital step in seeking early resolution for child custody disputes. In many cases, mediation is mandatory. When planning for mediation, it is super important to think carefully about timing your mediation. Is it better to mediate sooner or later? Before anything gets filed or after Read more about When To Mediate[…]