September 17, 2019

Partnership Dispute Lawyer Lake Forest, IL

Partnership Dispute Lawyer Lake Forest, IL Partnership Dispute Lawyer Lake Forest, IL

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It’s not uncommon for two divorcing parents to struggle in coming to terms with child custody and visitation. Nowadays the court encourages parents to create a parenting plan which outlines each parent’s responsibility to their children. 

When you are finding it difficult for you and your spouse to come to a mutual agreement on a parenting plan, you may need to have a partnership dispute lawyer in Lake Forest, IL  step in and take legal action to resolve the situation. If you are currently in a dispute with your ex spouse, or ex-partner, and would like to talk to a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL to learn about your options, please call Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC.

The Basics of Parenting Plans

A parenting plan details each parents responsibilities and time they will share with the children. It is essentially are road map and guide to custody and the behavior of the parents. In some states, such as Florida, this is mandatory whenever a case involves children. Usually a family and partnership dispute lawyer in Lake Forest, IL  will work with one or both parties with the parenting plan. The goal with this document is to minimize disputes and promote the overall well being of the children after the divorce is finalized. If there is anything you feel strongly about, this would be the time to talk with your ex and see about including it into the parenting plan. 

To speak with a lawyer about drawing up a parenting plan, you may call Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC.

What a Parenting Plan Might Include

  • A basic living schedule
  • A basic visitation schedule
  • A projected schedule for holiday, summer, and birthday parenting time
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Drop off points to exchange custody of the children
  • Child care arrangements
  • How relocation requests or disputes will be dealt with
  • Rules for visiting family members, new partners, or friends

Parents might also want to include anything they feel strong about; for example:

  • Rules for any third party visitation
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Discipline methods
  • Internet and cell phone use
  • Medical care and medication administration
  • Vaccinations
  • Dietary requirements/needs
  • Religious upbringing
  • Education expectations
  • + More

Some parenting plans will also describe how each parent will resolve disputes or maintain communication with one another. If you have created a general outline of your parenting plan, you should have a partnership dispute lawyer in Lake Forest, IL review it for accuracy. 

For questions about parenting plans, time sharing, or child custody, call Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC. to schedule a complimentary consultation with a skilled partnership dispute lawyer in Lake Forest, IL.

When a Court Might Intervene

If parents are unable to agree on a parenting plan, the court will intervene and give orders to each parent. This could be unfavorable to either parent, or even the children. Working with a partnership dispute lawyer in Lake Forest, IL to establish the perimeters of your parenting plan can result in both parents to reduce any negative feelings about the divorce or separation, and minimize awkward or upsetting interactions. When both parents can come to a amicable agreement regarding the parenting plan,  everyone involved can benefit emotionally, mentally, and financially. 

Enforcing a Parenting Plan

If either parent is not adhering to the terms of the parenting plan, you are advised to talk with a lawyer to learn about your rights and options. 

Explore Your Legal Options Now

A Lake Forest, Illinois partnership dispute lawyer can offer you information and advice on parenting plans, child custody, dispute resolution, enforcement, and more. If you are considering divorce, need help with child custody arrangements, or are involved in some other family dispute, please consult with a partnership dispute lawyer in Lake Forest, IL, such as one from Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC.