Divorce Lawyer

Understanding Legal Separation and Its Benefits A legal separation can be a permanent resolution or the precursor to the total dissolution of a marriage. The process is a court-ordered arrangement permitting a married couple to lead separate lives, including separate finances. The process of legally separating is preferred by couples who are unsure of the Read more about Divorce Lawyer[…]

Is Marriage Counseling Required Before You Can Get a Divorce?

The process of getting a divorce can seem complicated and most divorcing couples have a lot of questions. A divorce lawyer can help answer questions and clear up any misconceptions about the process of getting a divorce. One myth about family court is that you are required to go through marriage counseling before you can Read more about Is Marriage Counseling Required Before You Can Get a Divorce?[…]

Military Divorce & Custody

Divorce and custody disputes can be complex and costly if not handled right – even more so for military divorce and military custody disputes. Military life, deployments, relocation and even military pay structure all contribute to the extra complexity and potential for costly mistakes in military divorce and custody disputes. Military Life. Whether living on Read more about Military Divorce & Custody[…]

Co-Parenting and Fostering Strong Relationships

Why is it important for a co-parent to foster or encourage a strong parent-child relationship between the other parent and their minor child? When people split up or divorce, family law courts across the country must decide which parent will have primary custody of the parties’ minor child. This task is not easy. As a Read more about Co-Parenting and Fostering Strong Relationships[…]

The Three Biggest Questions to Ask When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer can be the most important, and stressful, decision of your entire separation process. When going to a consultation to meet with an attorney, you shouldn’t let them ask all the questions. You need to get enough information from them to ensure that you know if they will be a good divorce Read more about The Three Biggest Questions to Ask When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer[…]

What You Might Expect From Your Spouse’s Divorce Lawyer

If you’re going through a divorce and your spouse has already hired a divorce lawyer, you might, at times, feel frustrated with some of the things that are going on. This is especially true when the other lawyer is overzealous. There Are Limitations to Zealous Advocacy In general, it is an attorney’s job to be Read more about What You Might Expect From Your Spouse’s Divorce Lawyer[…]