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Parents should put best interests of children first

Divorce is among the most stressful experiences a person can go through in life, and parents who are divorcing may have to deal with issues of custody and support. Child custody cases can be severely contentious in Illinois, as they involve decisions that will impact the parents and the children for years. When possible, parents Read more about Parents should put best interests of children first[…]

2019 brings new tax rules impacting divorce

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that went into effect in December of 2017 was designed to lower the tax burden of American families. However, the legislation will also have a big impact on couples seeking to finalize their Illinois divorces in 2019. Depending on individual circumstances, some exes will fare better than others under Read more about 2019 brings new tax rules impacting divorce[…]

How parent’s home influences custody decisions

A parent’s living situation plays a role in the decisions that courts make about child custody. For parents in Illinois, the concern might be about what aspects of home and living situation courts consider before making decisions. While the court’s considerations vary from state to state, most courts will look at the age and gender Read more about How parent’s home influences custody decisions[…]

Coparenting can be collaborative or parallel

Illinois parents headed for divorce are generally most concerned about child custody arrangements. The best parenting arrangements are collaborative and encourage as much communication as possible between the parties. Unfortunately, this can be quite counterproductive when there is a high degree of acrimony between the parties. If parents simply cannot interact without causing stress to Read more about Coparenting can be collaborative or parallel[…]

Prenuptial agreements are not only for the wealthy

Celebrity couples and those from wealthy families attract a great deal of attention, especially when they announce their nuptials. Speculation often surrounds the question of how long the marriage will last. Along those lines, rumors often swirl regarding prenuptial agreements. However, these days, a regular Illinois couple may be just as likely as a famous Read more about Prenuptial agreements are not only for the wealthy[…]

Making your divorce announcement during the holidays

The holiday seasons are¬†approaching, and you and your spouse are talking about divorce. Do you put on a happy face for family gatherings or announce the news in person while everyone is in one spot? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind if you’re thinking of making your divorce announcement over the holidays. Read more about Making your divorce announcement during the holidays[…]

How parents can help kids stay happy after divorce

Parents in Illinois might worry about how divorce will affect their children. While a family separation can be challenging, it is possible to build a child’s resilience and help them through the process. The first step for parents is to try to maintain as much consistency as possible with the children. The changes from divorce Read more about How parents can help kids stay happy after divorce[…]

Certain personality traits can lead to divorce

The unfortunate truth is that most Illinois couples are at risk for eventually separating. In partnerships where certain personality traits are strong, however, the risk for divorce is a lot higher. According to some psychologists, therapists, divorce lawyers and other experts with experience in divorces, there are seven specific personality characteristics that can increase the Read more about Certain personality traits can lead to divorce[…]

Retirement and pensions subject to split in Illinois divorces

You and your spouse decide to divorce, but you worry about how a judge will split your assets. Even before you married your spouse, you began a career that established a successful future pension plan. Now that you and your spouse wish to separate, you are concerned about the division of the pension agreement. Illinois Read more about Retirement and pensions subject to split in Illinois divorces[…]