May 12, 2019

Visitation Rights Lawyer Lake Forest, IL

Visitation Rights Lawyer Lake Forest, IL

Visitation Rights Lawyer Lake Forest, ILWhether you and your child’s other parent recently decided to end your relationship or you have been co-parenting together for some time, you likely understand that co-parenting during the school year tends to require different skills, tools and approaches than co-parenting during the summer does. Your child has different needs and focuses during the school year and summer, so your co-parenting relationship is similarly affected by different needs and focuses during the school year and summer. Thankfully, an experienced Lake Forest, Illinois visitation rights lawyer can help you to both clarify what your co-parenting relationship needs at these different times and to help you obtain access to the tools you need in order to meet the challenges you will face.

The Basics of Co-Parenting During the School Year

Whether you are creating a co-parenting agreement from scratch or are modifying an existing order due to a change in your child’s needs and/or circumstances, it is important to keep the best interests of your child in mind. The best interests of every child are different. But generally speaking, co-parenting during the school year requires a simple, consistent routine, healthy communication, flexibility when possible and appropriate and a commitment to plan ahead whenever doing so is prudent. Children of all ages tend to thrive on routine and a clear set of expectations. If you and your co-parent keep “changing the rules of the game,” your child will almost certainly suffer as a result of the stress that a lack of routine and clear expectations produce.

When thinking about what your co-parenting relationship and approach will need during the school year in order to function effectively, ask yourself and discuss with your Lake Forest, IL visitation rights lawyer what you will need in order to be able to provide a consistent, healthy environment for your child. Would you benefit from a calendar that you and your co-parent can both have access to? Does your child need two sets of any possessions in order to avoid having to haul them back and forth to both residences? It will benefit everyone involved if you plan for both the “bigger picture” and more practical considerations when thinking about effective co-parenting during the school year.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about child custody matters and/or effective co-parenting, please consider scheduling a confidential consultation with an experienced Lake Forest, IL visitation rights lawyer today. The law provides a number of different tools designed to assist co-parents with effectively meeting their child’s needs and acting in the child’s best interests. Too often, parents fail to seek legal guidance unless they are immediately tasked with creating a parenting agreement. However, Lake Forest, IL visitation rights lawyers may serve as valuable resources at any point that parents have questions about how to make their co-parenting situation work for everyone involved. Our firm has extensive experience working with both relatively straightforward and truly complex co-parenting situations and we would be happy to discuss your situation with you. Once you have made an informed decision about what may work best for your family, we can provide you with the necessary support and guidance. So please don’t wait. Connect with Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC today so that we can explore how to best help you, your co-parent and your child be as healthy and low-stress as possible under the circumstances. We look forward to hearing from you.