November 15, 2020

Visitation Rights Lawyer Chicago, IL

When it comes to child custody and visitation rights, our visitation rights lawyer Chicago, IL relies on knows that things can be extremely complicated. These types of issues are never simple and can become increasingly complicated if the parents are hostile toward one another. When parents are not living together and children have to go from one house to another, it is important to have some kind of schedule for the children to rely on and if the parents are not getting along, this may mean the child does not get to see one parent as much as they should. If you believe your visitation rights have been abused and you would like to speak with our attorney, please give us a call. We care about upholding your rights. 

What is a fixed visitation schedule? 

A judge will typically place someone on a fixed visitation schedule if there is animosity between the parents and you are having a hard time resolving your issues. If you have gone to court and a judge has put you on a fixed visitation schedule, it means that they will determine certain times (and in some cases certain places) where you (the non-custodial parent) will meet with your children. For example, a judge may say that every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, you will have the opportunity to see your kids, in addition to certain holidays and special events. 

What is reasonable visitation? 

This is a much better situation, typically, because it means that if a judge says you are given reasonable visitation they believe that you and your child’s other parent have a good enough relationship to where you can both come up with visitation rights that make sense to you. Our Chicago, Illinois visitation rights lawyer knows that typically in these situations, the custodial parent will have more influence over what reasonable visitation means and you will want to have an attorney on your side to ensure your rights are not forgotten. 

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We understand that when you are no longer with your child’s other parent you want to be able to see your kids as often as possible. This situation can become quite complicated, which is why having an attorney there to protect your rights is paramount. Want to learn more about visitation rights? Contact our lawyer for visitation rights in Chicago, IL now.