July 15, 2020

Chicago Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

Chicago Fathers’ Rights Lawyer Chicago Fathers' Rights Lawyer

Understanding and Asserting Your Rights as a Father

When you need to assert your rights as a father, call upon Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC, for a leading Chicago father’s rights lawyer. 

As a father, your child may be your top priority. Regardless of what happens between you and the mother of your child, you likely want to make sure your child is being cared for and is safe. Sadly, many fathers don’t understand their rights which can result in them being taken advantage of. A situation like this can be upsetting and very stressful. What you should know right now is that you do have rights, and it is possible, you might not be aware of some or all of these rights. Whether you are concerned about custody of your child or would like to have more of a say in their upbringing, let a Chicago father’s rights lawyer help you. 

Establishing Paternity

There are a few ways that paternity can be established. If you and the mother of the child are not married, but in agreement with the paternity, you can sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form. Once you do so, your name is added to the birth certificate. Once you are married, or plan to marry, you can sign a marital child form. If you are unsure about being the father, you can elect to take a paternity test. A fathers rights lawyer in Chicago can help you with this process. 

Will You Have Rights Once You Establish Paternity?

Signing an acknowledgement of paternity might not be enough to establish your rights as a father. Rather, you should obtain a court order that asserts these rights, which includes your right to custody. Once this order has been granted, you will have the right to visitation, custody, and decision making. It should be noted that if paternity and rights has been granted, you will have financial responsibilities that must be adhered to. 

Are Mother’s Always Favored by the Court?

Historically, the court felt that the development of a child largely depended on the relationship between the mother and child. Today, the court views the relationship between both parents as equally important. So long as there is no history of addiction, abuse, violence, or a criminal record, you and the mother will likely share parenting responsibilities. Keep in mind the court will review various factors that pertain to both you and the mother to determine what is best for the wellbeing of the child. 

What if the Mother Breaks the Agreement?

If you have a legal right, or in other words there is a court order, to child custody or visitation, both parents must follow this order. If the mother is not letting you see the child, you should consult a Chicago child custody lawyer  to take immediate action. 

Can the Mother Move Away with the Child?

If you are divorcing or separating, the mother cannot move with the kids without your permission, or court approval. The court may approve when they believe it is in the best interest of the child. If the mother is planning to move out of state or far away, and you would like to contest it, a fathers’ rights lawyer in Chicago can help you. Call  Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC