May 25, 2020

Prenuptial Lawyer Chicago Illinois

Prenuptial Lawyer Chicago Illinois

Prenuptial Lawyer Chicago IllinoisOur prenuptial lawyer Chicago, Illinois residents have trusted for many years knows that when you are getting married, saying “I do” is not always as simple as one might think. We encourage our clients to create a prenuptial agreement that is tailored specifically to you as a couple. You may think this means you are setting yourself up for a divorce. After all, if you promise to be with each other forever, what is the point? However, creating a prenuptial agreement won’t jinx your marriage. It can help you and your spouse go over important financial decisions and examine important items that many couples do not think about until they start fighting about it. Our prenuptial agreement lawyer Chicago, IL relies on believes that working through a prenuptial agreement is one of the first ways you can start your marriage off strong. For more information on how our Chicago prenuptial lawyer can help you, please give our office a call. 

What kind of benefits come with a prenuptial agreement?

There are many benefits to creating a prenuptial agreement with your partner. 

  • You’ve been married before. Especially for couples who are older or have been married before, creating a prenuptial agreement is a great way to ensure your family and children are protected when you go into a second marriage. 
  • Create it early on. There are two reasons you want to work on your prenup earlier. One, you may end up being so close to the wedding date that you can’t focus on the joy of getting married and you can only focus on the prenup. Two, you may be so overjoyed at the idea of getting married that you are willing to sign anything without thinking of how it may affect you in the future. Do you and your partner a favor, sit down and work out the prenup with your Chicago prenuptial lawyer way before the wedding occurs. This will help you both have clear minds about assets and a fair division of assets.
  • An open line of communication. This is one of the greatest aspects of a prenup. Many couples end up talking about things that may not have come up for years or that may not come up until they get into a serious argument. A prenup allows an open dialogue about things like your expectations during marriage and your finances. 

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