May 12, 2019

Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer Chicago, IL

Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer Chicago, IL

Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer Chicago, ILA post-nuptial agreement may also be referred to as a post-marital agreement. Whereas a prenuptial agreement is created before a marriage commences, a post-nuptial agreement specifies terms for dividing assets, income, debt, and property should a couple divorce or legally separate. This documentation can also be used to modify the terms of an existing prenuptial agreement. For maximum effectiveness, and to ensure that a post-nuptial agreement will be legally enforceable in the event of litigation, please consider allowing a Chicago, Illinois post-nuptial agreement lawyer to draft it on your behalf rather than attempting to draft it on your own.

A Valid Postnuptial Agreement Is Legally Binding

Working with an experienced Chicago, IL post-nuptial agreement lawyer is important, as professionals experienced in this area of law know how to both create and enforce such agreements effectively. They are often able to anticipate potential tensions and prevent them from occurring through careful attention to the process. When couples attempt to create this kind of document on their own, they may run into problems that can lead to unnecessary stressors later on. In general, each spouse should retain the services of their own attorney in order to ensure that their post-nup is fair and enforceable.

Post-nuptial Agreements Compared to Prenuptial Agreements

After a review of your particular circumstances, an experienced Chicago, IL post-nuptial agreement lawyer will be able to tell you what terms might be helpful in your situation. If you have been exposed to the process of creating a prenuptial agreement, you will be familiar with the ways in which post-nuptial agreements are drafted. However, there are some distinctions between the two. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • A prenuptial agreement is entered into before a marriage commences.
  • A post-nuptial agreement is entered into during a marriage, either in anticipation of a divorce or simply because circumstances have changed. A Chicago, IL post-nuptial agreement lawyer can help you in either event.
  • A post-nuptial agreement is often created when there have been substantial changes in the financial health of either or both spouses, or significant life events have occurred. This might include a new job, a new house, the purchase of potentially valuable stocks and bonds, the birth of a child, etc.
  • A post-nuptial agreement is often used to amend a previous prenuptial agreement in the wake of life changes or provisions that were missed in the prenuptial agreement.

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