April 8, 2019

What Is A Legal Separation?

Legal separation follows the same process as a divorce. The primary difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that the parties remain legally married at the end of the case.

Why legally separate instead of divorce? For some couples, legal separation is preferred due to religious convictions or the need to maintain continuing health insurance and benefits for your spouse.

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Things To Consider

Legal separation can be a good option for those who identify with the reasons above. However, a legal separation has many factors that a divorce does not, such as:

  • Remarrying: Legally, you are still married to your spouse, meaning you cannot marry another individual.
  • Next of kin: Even though you have legally separated, under the law, spouses are considered next of kin. That means they have the legal authority to make medical or financial decisions for you.
  • Debts: You could be held liable for any debt incurred by your ex.

Get Legal Guidance Personalized For Your Own Circumstances

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