April 9, 2019

Creating Fair Child Support Orders

Although the determination of child support in Illinois is governed by the application of defined statutory percentages used by the courts in setting “guideline child support” orders, we understand that a careful analysis of the facts is critical to properly assessing child support.

Determining child support demands planning, discussing the particular needs and circumstances of the child, and careful review of relevant financial documentation. Certain circumstances, including the amount of time that each parent spends with the children, the financial circumstances of the parties, and the unique and special needs of each child, may warrant the entry of a support order that is considered a deviation from statutory guidelines.

While all of these factors are important and must be taken into consideration, we understand that the ultimate goal is making sure that your children are financially supported. At Hurst, Robin, Kay & Allen, LLC, we use our knowledge and experience to protect the financial welfare of both our clients and their children.

Making Modifications To Existing Child Support Orders

More often than not, child support issues do not end with the divorce. Life events such as the loss of employment, new employment or changes in salary create situations where child support must be modified, temporarily abated or terminated. We can help with this situation and assist clients who are not receiving child support from their ex-spouse, are not receiving their child support on time, are receiving the incorrect amount of support, or are overpaying support because their child support payments were not properly calculated.

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