April 9, 2019

Moving Out Of State And Child Custody Laws

Divorced parents are often faced with the difficult choice of having to decide whether to relocate to another city or state to maintain their employment with a current employer or to obtain more lucrative employment. In many instances following a divorce, parents also think about moving for a new start on life or to be closer to family.

When the custodial parent of a child wants to relocate to outside of the state of Illinois, that parent must seek the permission of the court. In many instances, this can be a difficult process, particularly when the child and the other parent have a close relationship.

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Generally speaking, the courts are protective of the relationship between children and parents and will not grant a request for removal in the absence of facts demonstrating that such a move is in the best interests of the child. The court, oftentimes with the assistance of an expert such as a psychologist, will weigh the relevant factors in determining whether to grant a custodial parent’s request for removal.

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