November 17, 2021

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Chicago, IL

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer in Chicago, IL

high net worth divorce lawyer Chicago, ILA divorce is a painful process, but you can turn to a high net worth divorce lawyer in Chicago, Illinois before you’re overwhelmed. At Hurst, Robin & Kay, we understand that a divorce is a stressful and usually unpredictable part of your life. Fortunately, there are some warning signs for you to look out for if you suspect your marriage is heading for trouble.

Know the Warning Signs of Divorce


  • Stonewalling: Arguments are a natural part of every relationship. It’s common for couples to have disagreements about pretty much everything, and it can get tiresome. However, it’s a red flag if the disagreements suddenly stop because neither of you are communicating with each other. A lack of communication is worse than disagreement, and can hint at something much more sinister beneath the surface.

  • Constant criticism: On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is a definite point in which constant criticism becomes a red flag as well. If the only communication between you and your spouse is nitpicking and criticizing, it indicates a lack of respect that can turn into a major problem down the line. It’s one thing for a couple to bicker here and there – and we’ve all see that cute old couple that does exactly that – but if criticism never stops and starts to impact someone’s mental health, it could push them towards a breaking point.

  • Considering an affair: People in healthy relationships need physical attention and contact. If you or your spouse have been considering an affair, it may be time to get to the root issue: A lack of intimacy is a serious sign of a relationship on the rocks. There are certainly moments in anyone’s relationship when you or your spouse just aren’t “in the mood”, but if intimacy is totally lacking in your marriage, it could mean trouble on the horizon – and it could mean you need to contact a high net worth divorce lawyer in Chicago, IL.

  • Disgust: Contempt or disgust with your spouse is one of the worst signs of a failing marriage. If you develop feelings of disgust with another person in your life, it’s very difficult to come back to a positive mental space. Contempt goes both ways in a relationship, and if you feel it’s becoming an obstacle in your marriage, you might want to lawyer up and prepare for the worst.

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Divorces happen all the time, but it’s never an issue that people can fully predict. For many, a divorce seems to come completely out of the blue, and it turns their life inside-out. However, if you recognize any of the major warning signs of a troubled or failing marriage, you still have time to save your assets and your dignity by contacting a qualified divorce lawyer.

Expecting a divorce puts you in a completely different space than if a divorce takes you completely by surprise. If you suspect your spouse is ready to pull the plug on your marriage, reach out to a high net worth divorce lawyer that Chicago, IL trusts, and see how Hurst, Robin & Kay can help.