How parents can help kids stay happy after divorce

Parents in Illinois might worry about how divorce will affect their children. While a family separation can be challenging, it is possible to build a child’s resilience and help them through the process. The first step for parents is to try to maintain as much consistency as possible with the children. The changes from divorce Read more about How parents can help kids stay happy after divorce[…]

Certain personality traits can lead to divorce

The unfortunate truth is that most Illinois couples are at risk for eventually separating. In partnerships where certain personality traits are strong, however, the risk for divorce is a lot higher. According to some psychologists, therapists, divorce lawyers and other experts with experience in divorces, there are seven specific personality characteristics that can increase the Read more about Certain personality traits can lead to divorce[…]

Finances and divorce

Illinois couples who are getting a divorce may be concerned about the state of their financial affairs. However, they can begin to take control of their lives by being proactive and getting a handle on their liabilities, income, expenses and assets. The different types of financial assets individuals can have may include checking accounts, certificates Read more about Finances and divorce[…]

Financial conduct that can spell trouble for a marriage

How married couples act when it comes to money can impact many things. It could affect how likely a marriage is to last. Money problems are a common divorce cause. Certain financial behaviors can greatly increase tension within a marriage. This includes: Overspending or underspending –People can come into a marriage with very different spending Read more about Financial conduct that can spell trouble for a marriage[…]