Certain personality traits can lead to divorce

The unfortunate truth is that most Illinois couples are at risk for eventually separating. In partnerships where certain personality traits are strong, however, the risk for divorce is a lot higher. According to some psychologists, therapists, divorce lawyers and other experts with experience in divorces, there are seven specific personality characteristics that can increase the chance of a relationship ending.

One of these personality traits is known as catastrophizing. This is when one or both partners turn tiny disagreements into much bigger issues. One divorce lawyer from Illinois reported that he had a client file for divorce simply because her husband forgot to take out the trash. The opposite personality trait to this is argument avoidance, but it can be just as destructive. This is when a partner bottles up problems instead of trying to resolve them.

Narcissism and habitual selfishness are also major causes of divorce. When one partner tends to only think about themselves or refuses to look at their spouse’s point of view, tension can build quickly. Compulsive caregiving can be an issue as well. It might be a sign that one person is trying to assert control over the relationship, and this can cause resentment and isolation.

When a spouse seeks a divorce as a result of incompatible personality traits, they have the right to representation from an attorney. No matter what type of personality issues cause a separation, each partner has certain financial and parental rights that deserve to be protected. It’s the responsibility of the divorcing client’s attorney to provide support and guidance as well as representation in and out of court.