Commonly Accepted Myths About Child Support 

Commonly Accepted Myths About Child Support 

No matter where you are in the United State you’ve probably heard the term child support more than once. We hear it all the time in media and many times it is painting one person in a negative light. Sadly, that light is often on the father. 

Despite how common child support orders are there are still numerous misconceptions about them. These myths can be really upsetting and it is important to know that they are just myths. Below are some of the most commonly accepted myths about child support and why they are just that, myths. 

Myth 1: Child Support is Punishment 

The fact on this one is that no, it isn’t a punishment. Now, whoever is ordered to pay child support may feel like it is one. However, it is in place to ensure that both parents are making contributions to the child’s well-being. The money is for their benefit. It isn’t to reward one parent for getting custody over the other. It is there to ensure the child is taken care of. 

Myth 2: Only Father’s Pay Child Support 

There was a time when custody typically was given to mothers over the father, leaving fathers to pay child support. Times are changing and more fathers are getting custody of their children. The law doesn’t require it to be just the father paying child support. Regardless of who gets custody the other parent can be ordered to pay child support. Typically the higher-earning party will pay support if the parties share custody equally. 

Myth 3: You Can’t Change Child Support Orders 

This is thankfully false. Life is hardly going to stay the same, and circumstances change over the years. While the order is in place, you do have to comply with it. However, if the order is no longer appropriate or fair, you can request that the courts recalculate support amounts and modify the order. 

Myth 4: Parents Can Withhold Visitation From Delinquent Parent 

Just like anything, if you fail to pay child support there will be consequences. However, not being able to see your child during your scheduled parenting time isn’t one of them. This means that just because you didn’t pay, doesn’t mean you can’t see your child. This is a common myth that has led to a huge discourse between people. It is also one of the more damaging myths that people believe. 

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