Preparing For Mediation And Child Custody 

Child Custody Lawyer

When you are getting ready to go to mediation to decide who will get custody of your children, it is good to be prepared. You can have a checklist of things that you would like to accomplish or you can have ideas of what is most important to you. Whatever you are hoping to get out of mediation when it comes to child custody, it is important that you speak with your lawyer candidly so that you do not leave disappointed. You never know what would be possible to get if you do not ask or run it by your lawyer.

What To Do Before Child Custody Mediation 

Before you go to mediation, it is important to talk with your lawyer, like an child custody lawyer from a law firm like Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. Below, you will find a general list of things that you can speak with your lawyer about and that can help you be prepared for your first mediation session. 

  • Bring family schedules. When you want to fight for a certain amount of time or for a schedule that works for you and your children, bring the schedules that you currently have or a proposed schedule. This can show that you have done your homework and that you intend to set up a fair parenting schedule. Does your work allow you to get off early to pick the kids up from school? Is your work more flexible with schedules? This is important to have on hand during your session. 
  • Focus on what is best for your children. This sounds like it would go without saying, but child custody and divorce often go hand-in-hand. When this is the case, your children’s best interests could get lost in the shuffle. Everything that happens now should focus on what is best for your children. Any fights or disagreements between you and your ex-spouse are not relevant. Child custody mediation is not the place to fight about disagreements. 
  • Come with your concerns. Mediation is a place to express concerns related to your children or custody arrangements. If your ex-spouse works the night shift but they are asking for overnight stays, what will they do about their work? If you would like to have your children during the week, how will your work and their school schedules fall into place? How will mediation affect the overall child custody decision in court? Whatever your child custody questions are, write them down and have them handy. 
  • Listen to your children’s other parent. Whatever your issues are with your ex, now is the time to understand their thoughts and feelings. Now is not a time to be combative. It can be hard to give your ex-partner the benefit of the doubt when you disagree with them or have a bad relationship. However, it is important to consider whether what they want is truly what is in your children’s best interests. Do they want to celebrate certain holidays with them or incorporate their own religion into the kid’s upbringing? Do they want to attend sports games or events? Consider what works best for your children, not what works best for you. 

When you need help with child custody arrangements, reach out to a lawyer you can rely on now.