Signs You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

While no one likes to think that they’ll receive a criminal charge, sometimes it happens. Knowing what to do following a criminal charge can be complicated and you’re likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Sometimes a criminal charge might even be unexpected. Unfortunately, sometimes people are accused of a crime they didn’t commit or are charged under false pretenses–like in the case of self-defense. While it can be hard to determine when you’ll be charged, there are some signs that you can watch out for. 

You’re Being Taken in for Questioning

On a random day, you might hear a knock on the door and only open it to be surprised to see a couple of police officers standing before you. Maybe they’re just asking if you’ve seen any suspicious behavior lately. Other times, however, they want to come in to ask some questions or they might even start reading you your rights, handcuff you, and bring you into the police station. Whatever the case might be, just know you have the right to remain silent. Even if the officers seem friendly, it’s better to not answer questions until you have your attorney. 

You’re Facing Charges

If you find yourself facing criminal charges then your goal should hire a criminal defense attorney. The right attorney can assist you in either fighting the charges or getting them reduced to a lesser charger, i.e. a misdemeanor versus a felony. They can also help reduce prison time. 

You Don’t Have the Right Legal Experience 

Criminal charges are serious offenses that often require a lawyer to help you navigate. Whether you’re facing minor drug possessions or are facing serious prison time, an attorney can be a huge stress reliever. 

You Know You’re Innocent 

If you know you’re innocent then that’s all the more reason why you should hire a lawyer. Unfortunately, too many innocent people end up being locked up. Whether due to false accusations, missing details, minor incidents that somehow turned into huger offenses, etc. With an attorney on your side, you can avoid significant prison time and fines as well as preserve your reputation. 

What You Shouldn’t Do

When you’re in the middle of an ongoing criminal defense case, there are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do. 

Don’t Talk About the Case

With social media sometimes we’re trained to overshare every aspect of our lives. A simple lunch can sometimes turn into several pictures on Facebook or Instagram. However, while social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, for a criminal defense case, you should remain silent. 

Don’t be Dishonest with Your Lawyer

Your lawyer is here to help you. That’s why you don’t want to leave any information out and honestly answer any questions they have. 

Don’t Put Off Contacting a Lawyer

At the first sign that you might be facing a criminal charge, you’ll want to immediately contact your lawyer. The longer you wait the harder it can be to receive adequate legal representation. For an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can reach out to our friends at Law Group of Iowa