Understanding Why People Divorce

Understanding Why People Divorce

In the US today, the divorce rate has fallen, mainly because people are waiting longer to marry or are choosing not to marry. Statistics show that divorce in this country is the third highest in the world, with a current divorce rate of 2.3 per 1,000 people. There are several reasons couples will choose to end their relationship. Despite this reasoning, a divorce lawyer, like Robinson & Hadeed will share that many couples are curious to know whether they must indicate a grounds for divorce on their divorce paperwork. While it’s essential to be aware that the laws regarding fault and no-fault divorce vary depending on the state, help from a lawyer may play an integral role in offering guidance throughout the process. 

Reasons Couples Choose Divorce

When two people decide to divorce, it isn’t a decision that couples make lightly. Divorce is a significant life change, one that can cause a family’s entire life to change forever. However, much of the time, the strife and discord of a tumultuous relationship can become unbearable for the household, and the only way to manage is to move forward by starting anew. Common reasons that may cause marital issues can include the following:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Adultery
  • Financial Challenges
  • Substance Misuse
  • Disagreements over Raising Children
  • Lack of Physical or Emotional Intimacy
  • Breakdowns in Communication
  • Living in Constant Conflict

Sometimes, despite best efforts to repair the relationship, divorce is the option that makes the most sense for couples. While reaching this decision can be challenging, often the most difficult component of the process is taking the first step by choosing divorce and ultimately filing the initial paperwork. 

Grounds for Divorce

Washington is a no-fault divorce state, meaning neither party is held responsible for the divorce. Some states require that couples indicate grounds for divorce, meaning one person can be held accountable. However, it’s important to note that many states do not require a specific reason for the divorce. Many require citing irreconcilable differences for the many states that offer no-fault divorce as an option. In addition, couples must meet specific requirements to file for divorce in the state. While this can vary depending on the region, in Washington, couples are only required to meet state residency requirements. You can file for divorce if you have a state driver’s license or file taxes within the state. Yet when a fault is cited, or one party is not in agreement, the divorce process can become far more complicated and incredibly litigious. As a result, the process can take longer to resolve. 

How Lawyers Help

Enduring the divorce process is often a challenging experience; amidst the emotions that will arise, couples will be required to decide how they will divide the life they once shared. Because of this, divorce can be incredibly complicated, especially when it comes to forming agreements and managing the discord that is sure to be present. A lawyer can play a crucial role in assisting parties involved throughout the divorce so they can reach agreements and an ultimate resolution. Because the process involves ripe emotions and legal complexities, a lawyer can help by providing guidance and offering support to ensure their client’s best interests remain at the forefront.