LGBTQ Divorce Lawyer Gig Harbor, WA

As the years of change, child custody arrangements have also changed and untraditional arrangements are becoming more popular in the common day and age. Children benefit from an amicable divorce and parents that can co-parent them and agree together, and a child to have both parents playing equal roles in their lives often are more stable which has seen a rise in non-traditional parenting arrangements with divorced parents. Talk to your LGBTQ divorce lawyer in Gig Harbor, WA such as the ones available at Robison & Hadeed Family Law if you have questions about how your same-sex marriage may affect your divorce proceedings.

How child custody agreements have changed

Child custody agreements of change because in the past child custody would typically benefit one parent only, oftentimes this would be the father. More or less the child will have one parent who has had custody most often in the other parent that saw their child on the weekends or rotated holidays with the other coparent involved. These arrangements do still exist but there is no longer a bias against either parent and mothers and fathers are seen equally. This is especially important when you take into account that same-sex couples often adopt children, pain may get divorced.


After all, the traditional way of a child custody case usually favored mother or father but what do you do if you have two mothers or two fathers? Who do you favor then?

A modern custody agreement does not have a specific look or favoring somebody specific in the relationship. In fact modern custody agreements often focus on the needs of the child and the stability of the household and the family as a whole, which means that every family schedule is different and every child is going to have different needs. An example is some families have children spend one week with one parent next to the other, and this is great when both parents live right next door to each other or within driving distance.

But sometimes, one home is for the children, and the child will stay in the simple times but the parents are going to rotate in and out of the home. This means the child is always in the same house but the parents are changing their routine to better benefit the child and ensure that both parents have a role in the child’s life.

But what about pet custody in a divorce, because so many people in this day and age do not have children but instead have pets together. The American Veterinary Medical Association indicates that 80% of pet owners consider their furry friends to be part of the family, not a piece of property that they own. This has seen a law of divorce laws pop up, and most laws have to follow the laws of the state in which the couple is getting divorced. Talk to your LGBTQ divorce lawyer Gig Harbor, WA about whether pet custody is something that you can work out an agreement.