Reasons for divorce follow common themes

Divorce rates across Illinois and the United States follow certain predictable patterns that are often associated with changes in the economy and changes in social norms and traditions. Although these fluctuations can typically be seen clearly when charted on a graph and measured against major events, there are a number of reasons for the dissolution of marriage that transcend trends.

According to research provided by Insider, infidelity continues to rank among the top reasons for divorce across the country. Infidelity and extramarital affairs have been a concern for married couples throughout time, and unfortunately, infidelity persists as a problem that leads to divorce today. Additionally, Insider points out that conflict, arguing and a lack of communication are all major reasons for marital dissatisfaction that leads to divorce. As with infidelity, these are struggles faced by married couples from all walks of life.

Financial problems are another common issue faced by spouses, and such concerns may be compounded by getting married too young. People who marry at a young age may find that they are ill-equipped to handle personal finances due to lack of experience and earning potential, and when these problems are combined with someone who is also facing financial challenges, the pressure can be amplified.

Whether due to a common reason for divorce or something unique, the process of dissolving a marriage can be difficult to navigate, especially when children and concerns about financial assets are involved. As a result, many people seek out the guidance of a family law attorney when facing divorce in order to make the process more equitable and efficient. A divorce attorney may not only provide assistance with the filing process for divorce but also provide courtroom representation without the emotional attachment that could come with representing oneself.