October 11, 2019

Family Law Counsel Lake Forest, IL

Family Law Counsel Lake Forest, IL Family Law Counsel Lake Forest, IL

Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC can provide you with family law counsel in Lake Forest, IL. We understand that battling over child custody with your ex can be emotionally taxing and expensive. Attending your first custody hearing regarding your children can be intimidating, since many parents are unfamiliar with the process. With some planning and counsel regarding family law in Lake Forest, IL, you can present an influential case to the family court judge. Along with hiring a family lawyer from Lake Forest, IL for help, Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC recommends considering the following advice: 

Get Familiar with Illinois State Laws Regarding Child Custody

The laws for child custody vary based on the state so live in. That is why we suggest acquiring family law counsel based in Lake Forest, IL. Our lawyers can advise you regarding child custody laws in the state of Illinois. Once you are familiar with the laws that apply to you, you can build a case that works in your favor. You may end up regretting not researching more into the topic if your child custody hearing doesn’t go as planned. It’s best to be prepared and knowledgeable before stepping into your hearing. 

Be Strategic When Showing You Are the Better Parent

No matter what you say, the main focus of the judge is going to be what will be in the best interest of your child or children. So, with family law counsel in Lake Forest, IL, our lawyers can offer advice on how to showcase yourself in the best possible light. The judge needs to be convinced that one parent is more suitable to have custody than the other, and it can be challenging to prove without insight from a seasoned family law attorney at Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC. 

Have the Correct Documents Prepared

Lake Forest, IL family law counsel can provide you with the correct documents so that you are prepared for your first child custody hearing. Examples of useful paperwork that the family court judge may need are financial statements from your employer, current address, photographs of your home, phone logs, a proposed visitation schedule, and proof that you paid any child support payments to the other parent. 

Understand Court Etiquette

From the very beginning of the court hearing, the judge will be in charge. By having family law counsel from a professional serving Lake Forest, IL can educate you on what to expect. It’s important that you never interrupt the judge and avoid emotional outbursts of any kind. You want to show that you are a parent that can keep their wits about them in a very tense situation. An attorney can roleplay so you can practice what it will feel like to be in the courtroom and talking with the judge. Preparing beforehand is crucial, because if you make a huge mistake during the hearing, it can completely change how the judge feels regarding your suitability as the parent with custody. 

Please do not go into your child custody hearing without preparation from your Lake Forest, IL family law counsel. If needed, we can even represent you during the hearing if you need additional support. Call Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC today to book an appointment with lawyers that provide family law counsel to Lake Forest, IL.