August 8, 2020

Divorce Lawyer Near Me (Lake Forest, IL)

Divorce Lawyer Near Me (Lake Forest, IL) Divorce Lawyer Near Me (Lake Forest, IL)

When you are getting a divorce or considering going through a divorce, you are likely searching for a “divorce lawyer near me (Lake Forest, IL)” so that you can find an attorney who is nearby who can be of service to you. We understand that when it comes to divorce, you are likely concerned about getting a good deal and making sure that assets and property are split fairly. Perhaps you both have children together and want to make sure you get to see them often or even get custody of the children. When you have these concerns, it is best to speak with a trusted divorce attorney you can rely on. 

No one has filed for divorce yet. Is there a benefit to being the one who files? 

It does not really matter who files for the divorce. Typically, the spouse who files (the petitioner) is the one who pays for court fees related to filing, and once they have filed, the other spouse will be served with the divorce paperwork. When you search for a Lake Forest, Illinois divorce lawyer near me, you can find someone who is willing to walk you through every step of the process. 

What kind of issues will usually come up in a divorce?

Especially if you have never been through a divorce before, you may be unaware of all of the issues that may come up. Most people are familiar with asset and property division. They may have bank accounts, cars, a house, and other property that they will need to examine and determine how to fairly split up. However, there are other issues that may also be covered in your divorce. Spousal support (also known as alimony) may come up if one spouse needs the financial support of the other. Additionally, if you and your spouse have had children together, you will need to discuss if one or both of you will get custody of the children and if child support should be an option. If you are unable to come to a conclusion through mediation, a court can make this decision for you. 

I don’t make much. Is it possible to get my spouse to pay my attorneys’ fees?

If your spouse earns significantly more than you do, it is possible that the court can make an order that states they must pay your attorney’s fees. That said, you and your attorney must work to prove that you are unable to pay for your attorney’s fees.

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How to Make Your Divorce Less Stressful

Divorce has a reputation for being a long and stressful process. Although divorce may never be a walk in the park, it does not have to be a complete nightmare. Here are some tips on making your divorce less stressful.

  • Have realistic expectations. One of the biggest mistakes people make when getting divorced is having unrealistic expectations. The truth is that you will not likely get everything you want in your divorce. It is important to understand this and avoid prolonging litigation for no reason. For example, you may want to stay in the family home, but know that you can’t afford the mortgage payments. In this situation, it may be best to sell the home.
  • Pick your battles wisely. It is likely that you and your spouse will have disagreements during your divorce. However, that does not mean you should try to pick a fight with your spouse every chance you get. Doing so will only put stress on the both of you and prolong the divorce process. For example, if your spouse is normally on time to visit with your children and arrives a few minutes late one time, let it go.
  • Hire a skilled divorce lawyer. To improve your chances of a favorable outcome in your divorce, work with a skilled divorce lawyer near me. A lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement with your spouse’s lawyer and protect your legal rights. He or she can help you fill out all the paperwork accurately and prevent you from making costly mistakes.
  • Stay off social media. While it may be tempting to vent your frustrations about your divorce on Facebook and other social media platforms, you should avoid doing so. You do not know who is looking at your social media accounts. The information you post may be used against you in court.
  • Don’t badmouth your spouse in front of your kids. No matter how angry you may be with your spouse, you should avoid talking badly about him or her when your children are around. The divorce process is hard enough as it is for them. If your kids hear you badmouthing their parent, they may feel even worse about the situation. If you need to vent your frustrations, do so with a trusted friend or family member.